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Tributes & Gifts to your Mistress

A devoted sub does not arrive empty handed! Your tribute to Mistress Vivian is a sign of gratitude, respect and admiration.

Tangible gifts and monetary presents on a regular basis are a great way to show your appreciation for your Mistress and her work.


Be a good slave and send a tribute to Mistress Vivian. I deserve to be spoiled.

Remember: A tribute is a gift, not a payment for an item, a session, a service or any kind of transaction. It is a sign of your appreciation.

Amazon Wish List

My Wishlist


Etsy.com Gift Certificate from $25 to $250. Send to: mytribute@gmx.net

Northbound Gift Certificates Send to: mytribute@gmx.net

A small gift can go a long way. Show your appreciation and fulfill your Mistress' desires by selecting gifts from my wish list.

Hand selected by Mistress Vivian you know these will be the right gift. Keep your Mistress happy by purchasing new outfits, hosiery, shoes & jewelry. If you wish, include a personal note to let me know what you have purchased, or remain anonymous.

Cash Tribute to your Mistress

Can't decide? Send a cash tribute instead, Amazon.com gift card must be sent to: mytribute@gmx.net

(Gift cards can be scheduled up to a year in advance, the right choice for monthly cash payments from my financial piggies.

Send your tribute to Mistress Vivian now!




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