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Contact me to arrange a webcam chat via Skype for your own private 1on1 Fetish Tease and/or Domination cam2cam session with Mistress Vivian.

Only devoted, honest and willing submissives and fetishists may apply to session with Mistress Vivian.

Requests and inquiries not related to webcam shows are to be emailed to

To arrange for a Skype show you must first purchase my Skype ID. Here's how:

Send a $10.00 Gift Card to:

Additionally send money for session as follows:

Prices in USD:

15 mins ........... 70.00
30 mins ..........120.00
45 mins ......... 170.00
60 mins ......... 210.00


Along with your gift card make sure to include your Skype ID. I will add you. This will allow you to know when I am online to discuss future sessions.

It's simple. The money you will pay today to send me your Skype ID will be your first investment into an amazing experience of online female domination, and perhaps a life long D/s relationship.

Whether you contact me to have questions about a possible future webcam chat or to book a session right now - either way you are expected to pay for my time and services, just like you have to pay for any professional service.

Remember: You have exactly one chance for your first impression. Don't mess it up!

When paying for a session please keep in mind that the digital delivery of Gift Certificates may take longer than expected. Therefore, book your session ahead of schedule. There won't be a session as long as you see the gift card order with the status "not yet sent" in your account.

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